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Make money online through affiliate marketing

Making money online is one of the most discussed topics online today and there are millions of articles out there on how to make money online. Here, am always committed to bringing you tips and tricks to making genuine money online seating at the convenience of your house.

Today, am going to reveal to you how to make money online with affiliate marketing which is one of the most popular, genuine and best ways to make money online. It is one of the most widely used online money making methods most online entrepreneurs use to earn a living.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing where a business rewards one or more affiliate for each customer brought by the affiliates own marketing effort.

What does this mean? It simply mean that in affiliate marketing, one registers with a business  and drives customers to the business and gets paid a commission for anything the customer purchases.

The one who refers people to the business is called the affiliate marketer. He is the one who makes money without having any goods to sell but just by serving as a middleman between the business and potential customers.

The amount paid to the affiliate varies from company to company as agreed in the affiliate terms. Some businesses pay upto 50% commission while some pay 3%  to 10%. As I said before it varies, so it depends on the marketers choice of affiliate network.

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How to Start affiliate marketing

There are few steps to take when starting affiliate marketing business in order to be successful.

Choose a good affiliate website

A good affiliate network or company is indeed an important factor to take note of when starting affiliate marketing business. A good affiliate website or company means good earning for you as an affiliate marketer. There are so many things to check before signing up with an affiliate website. You should consider:

* A fair payout rate

* Quality of products they sell

*How many affiliate marketers they have

*Timely payment

*Effective user support system

*Good sales report etc

There are so many good affiliate programs you can register with which include:

• Kaymu affiliate program

• Jumia affiliate program

• Konga affiliate program

•Amazon Affiliate program

•makeawelth affiliate program

• ShareAsale affiliate program

• DealDay

• Commission Junction etc

Sign up with an affiliate program

After choosing one or more affiliate program to work with, its now time to head straight to the affiliate website to register for affiliate account. When you log on to the affiliate website, sign up for affiliate account with your email address and get your promotion codes (banners and links).

When you log into your dashboard after successful registration, you will see promotion tab. This is where your unique promotion link and banner codes are.

Select Products to promote

Some affiliate companies sell different varieties of products and you don't necessarily need to promote all of them. So on your dashboard, select the products you feel you can promote and generate more sales with and start promoting them.

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But always make sure you select the products which you readers are willing to buy or products which relates to the niche of your of your blog to increase sales.

Start promotion

After registration and successful copying of your affiliate link and banner codes, head straight to your blog or website and paste your banner codes which displays the products which you have selected to promote.

Once anyone clicks through your affiliate link or banner, and makes a purchase, your ewallet is automatically credited with the stated affiliate commission of the website.

Note that there is always a minimum amount to withdraw depending on the affiliate company you are working with.

Do you have any idea or opinion on affiliate marketing? Or you have a question, let us know in the comment box.

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