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How to keep your blog readers always come back to your blog daily

Generating traffic to your blog is one the primary things you as a blogger need to be doing daily to ensure the success of your blog. Even though there have been lots of tutorials on how to get traffic to your blog from various sources, most bloggers still find it hard to make get enough readers to their blog. This maybe because you are just generating new traffic everyday in your blog without retaining your old readers.

Having lots of new page views daily is not the solution to your success as a blogger but your ability to generate new traffic daily while retaining your old readers as well. You might find this as being strange but that is just the key point to having a successful online presence. Having dedicated readers in your blog helps a lot in bringing new readers as they would always share your posts to their social media accounts but new visitors will find it difficult to share your post to social networks unless they have any need of doing that. So I want you to refocus your mind from just getting new readers into maintaining steady readers and also getting new visitors daily.

I have in this article nailed the key points to keeping your blog readers to always coming back to your blog daily. So read this post carefully to the end and see what happens to your blog traffic once you apply the methods meticulously .

How To make your readers stick to your blog

After dedicating time checking what brings most of my blog readers back to my blog all the time, I have carefully written this article to also help you retain your readers too. Some of the methods that I applied and am still applying to get steady readers in my blog includes:

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• Get readers to subscribe

Email subscription button is an effective way of keeping your blog readers coming back to your blog daily. When your readers subscribe to your mailing list, they automatically receive any post you publish in the email address they used while subscribing.

There are so many email subscription tool providers you can use for your blog which include feedburner, mailmunch, aweber etc. Just go to any of them and sign up for free and get your email subscription code and place it in your blog. You can also add a feedburner email subscription widget directly from blogger dashboard by going to layout > add gadgets > email subscription.

It is also advisable to use popup email subscription widget which you can get from , aweber, etc. With this email subscription widget, you are sure of your readers coming back to your blog anytime you publish anew post.

• Post Frequently

This point can never be overemphasized whenever we are talking about generating traffic and retaining readers in our blog. It is said that people gets used to what they do always. So when you post frequently, your readers will see it as a point of duty to always visit your blog daily knowing fully well you have something for them.

On the other hand, when you post anytime you like , your readers wount be eager to visit your blog always as they believe they will still see the same post they have been seeing before and just like this, they will totally loose interest in visiting your blog if not forget that something like your blog exist.

So always update amazing and engaging content daily in your blog and you will find your readers visiting your blog always.

• Write great contents

Your contents is the life of your blog and that is the reason you established your blog and the same reason your readers are visiting your blog. So write your post as perfect as possible to ensure steady massive traffic in your blog.

Most bloggers just create a blog and start posting anything they feel like in their blog posts without considering the quality and value of the articles they are publishing. That is why I wrote this article on how to write good blog post that drives more readers. After reading that article on making great and engaging blog post, am sure you will see the mistake you have been making as a blogger that is really affecting your blogs growth and global recognition. So always try as much as possible topublish problem solving articles as it will fasten your readers love and interest in you and your blog hence would bookmark your blog and will always visit it.

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• Build a mutual relationship with your readers

Building a mutual relationship with your readers has to do with so many things. First you can achieve this by enabling comments in your blog posts. After publishing an article, allow your readers to ask questions or make suggestions through the comment box and always try to reply all their comments. By so doing you are making them believe in you and your ability to help them solve their problems.

You can also achieve this mutual coexistence between you and your readers by connecting with them on social media like Facebook, twitter, goggle+, etc. Chat with them and also help them with their problems on the social platforms.

•  Notify your readers of your next post

Always tell your readers the next post you intend to publish in your blog maybe in your last post or through social media. Telling them your next post and what they stand to learn or gain from the post will make them eager to see the post and they will always be in your blog expecting the post.

You can tweet your next post to your followers, or post it in your Facebook and google+ account to let your readers know that such post will be coming soon. It will certainly make them bookmark your your blog and visit it daily to see the yet to be published post.

• Join forums and communities in your niche

As a blogger you should know that forums and communities are just the best place to get targeted audience for your blog. Joining forums and communities don't just retain your readers but it mainly brings in new and targeted readers to your blog daily.

You can join google+ communities, Facebook groups, and other forums online like Nairaland forum related to your niche to get readers for your blog and also engage your old readers.

Always post frequently in the communities and forums you join and add a link to your blog or a post that is related to your post in the forum. Preferably, share your blog post to the forums but don't just share a full post rather share the title and a little hint on the post and add a link to the post in your blog to the forum. You will notice a massive traffic trooping into your blog and they will turn to your long term readers.

• Build mobile App for your blog

Building a mobile App for your blog enables your readers to know whenever you publish any post on your blog even without them being online in your blog. Interesting right?

A mobile app makes it easy for your readers to access your blogs content on a mobile device without necessarily having to go online. It saves them time in accessing your contents and it makes your bwork look more professional.

So go ahead and get a mobile app for your blog today or hire me to build one for you now.


So just apply all this tricks I have stated above and see how your readers visit your blog over and over all the time hence increasing your income because more traffic means more cash.

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Are you in any way confused or you have a suggestions on how to keep readers to your blog, just use the comment box and let us know what you have to say and I will reply you immediately.

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    2. Thanks, am glad you like the post. Always visit here for more tutorials