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Five online business ideas to be a successful entrepreneur

Starting an online business is not a problem but knowing the right online business to venture in is what always poses threats to most online entrepreneur newbies. There are indeed many good and profitable online business ideas you can venture on and be successful if you really work hard.

In this article am going to discuss five of the most profitable online entrepreneurship ideas you can embark on to be successful. Telling you the good and profitable noes wount just guarantee success but your dedication, love and hard work towards any of them you choose to embark on determines if you will be successful or not.

Below are five out of the most easy and profitable online business ideas for you to build your own online empire like many others have done and are at I'll doing today.

Affiliate marketing

According to Wikipedia "affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. As an affiliate marketer you earn commission by promoting the sale the sales of other people's product.

Affiliate marketing is one the best ways you can make money online. I know tha a lot of people have this believe that its only bloggers or website owners that can be affiliate marketers but that's not true because anybody with just an internet access can be an affiliate marketer.


To become an affiliate marketer, just sign up with any affiliate marketing network and you will be given an affiliate link and affiliate banner codes.

If you have a blog or website, you can place the banner codes in the html section of your blog or website but if you don't , all you have to do is copy the affiliate link and start sharing it with your friends in social networks like Facebook, whatssap, twitter, Instagram, Flash messenger etc and encouraging them to visited the website or online store.

Once anyone visits the store and makes an order, you will receive a commission of certain percentage as stated by the website immediately which you will see when you login to your account and you can cash it out in different ways.

List of best affiliate networks and their pay per sale

Bitcoin ( Refer people to the site and you earn. They don't need to buy anything)

Amazon affiliate  (4%)
Commission junction (3%-40% depending)
Jumia (11%)
•  Konga (9%)
Kaymu ( 5%)
DealDay (N500 plus varying commission bonus)


Blogging is simply the act of writing articles for a blog and he or she who does this is called a blogger. A blogger don't just write posts or articles for blog but also turns his or her passion for writing into riches. As a blogger you must be passionate about writing and also with a particular topic or range of topics.

Starting a blog is not such an easy task as most people do believe. You don't actually need much programming knowledge to start up your own blog .

See a step by step guide on how to start a blog

Read this article above on how to start a blog and you will find out that its indeed very easy to start a blog and start making money online.

As a blogger there are several ways to make money from a blog which include :
• Affiliate marketing
• Using pay per click ads
• Direct  advertising of people products or brands
• And so many other tricks you find out later.

So if you are passionate about writing, why not turn your passion into today by starting a blog.

Start an online store

An online store is just a form of market that is being managed online. Both pricing and making of Payni is done online. Its now one of the most proven ways of making a living through the internet.

Before, it was a very hard thing to get an online store as one would require a whole lot of programming skills to develope and design an online store. Today, the case has changed as many E-commerce Solutions like SHOPIFY and WOOCOMMERCE now enables one to build an online store with just a little capital even with a free trial period. So if you have any goods to sell, you can just feature it in your online store and get customers from wide range of places.

I know you might be wondering how to do the delivery especially when the buyer is from a far distance from you, but not to worry as there is another solution to this which is the DROPSHIPPING which can handle your goods delivery and warehousing.

You can also list your goods for sale on for sale for free , So why not start selling online today and avert the problem unemployment from your side.

Get payed to write

This goes the same way as blogging but most people do find it difficult managing blogs. Most people due to lack of programming skills would not want continue with blogging as they may not like the default design of their blog compared to those designed by expert bloggers, but I must tell you that although good design is wonderful, its still not a good reason to quite blogging as you can even hire someone to design your blog for you at a very cheap amount or you go ahead with a default design.

But if you wouldn't want to be a blogger either because of the reason stated above or for any other reason, then their is still a way to turn your passion for writing into income which is through writing for others and receiving payment. There are different websites where you can register and start earning by writing for them today. Some of them include PayPerPost, Textbroker, helium, etc.

When you register with any of this websites they will be giving you articles to write and you are paid for each article you submit.


The increase in the use of mobile application this days is indeed at an alarming rate. Almost anything and everything can now be done using a mobile application.  This increase in usage of mobile applications is higher in the users of the Google's Android and Apple's iPhones. Most developers have taken this opportunity to build their own online empire by developing different kinds of applications for various phone operating systems.

So if you have any coding skills  on app development, you can use it today to start making great income online by developing different kind of applications like chat apps, photo editors, browsers, website or blog apps, etc. But if you don't, you can Learn how to developed some Android and IOS apps from us and start making cool money online.

There are several ways of making money from an application which includes uploading the App on google play or Apple store and keeping it for sale at a given price, placing ads in the download page of your Apps in any store, Inserting ad codes like google ad codes, or just direct ads payed for by companies  in your app. All this ads display as users open the apps.

See this two apps that I developed

Flash messenger. A social networking App like whatssap with more advanced features like sharing of Apps, sharing of media files of any size, chatting, group chats, secret chats etc

Kamsoblog Mobile App.  This is an application to access this blog in mobile device. With this app you get notification once any post is published in this blog and you can easily access it with your mobile phone without having to go online.

So you can see there is great importance for app development and that's why you need to be an app developer today.

With the above discussed online entrepreneurship ideas, I hope you can simply choose one or two out from them and start making your online business dream a reality. Drop questions and suggestions in the comment box and it will be tackled immediately. Don't forget to share this post to social networks using the social share buttons below.


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