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Blog comments and how use it and increase your traffic

As a blogger, your success is the success of your blog and that success of your blog is having massive traffic in your blog everyday. When you search the internet you will find many tutorials on how to increase blog traffic and everybody have been following those tips even the tedious and costly ones neglecting the easy and cheap traffic generation tips .

I have come to understand that of all the tutorials in the internet, the use of comment in increasing blog traffic have always been neglected. So today I want to bring to your notice, the impact blog comments make in your blogs traffic.

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How blog comment can increase your blog's traffic

There are different ways in which blog comments increase the traffic in your blog
which I have discussed below.

• High search engine ranking

Do you know that the best source of traffic is the search engines because it only generates targeted traffic because its only when people search for terms in your blog that your site appear in search results. So there is less bounce rate from traffics generated from search engines. This is the main reason we all struggle for a high search engine ranking for our sites added to the fact that it is required before AdSense approval.

Why am I saying all this?

Do you know that it is proved that the longer  your blog post, the more it ranks in google search. If you doubt this, go to google and search for anything, the results in the first page are usually very long or just longer than those in the next page although other factors adds to search engine ranking. That is why you need to write more detailed post but don't write irrelevant things just to make your post lengthy as it will be killing the value of your blog hence, degrading your search engine ranking.

So in other to make your post a bit longer, you need a comment system in your blog because the search engine crawler also craws the comments in a post as part of the blog post. This is because more information is contained in the comment section. So implement comment box in your blog and encourage readers to add make comments after reading your article.

• Brings steady readers

As a blogger you should always try to convert your blog visitors to steady readers and followers of your blog. You can achieve this by just embedding a comment box in your blog. Although in some content management system like blogger, your blog template have a built in comment box although most people disable or remove them but I would indeed advice you to enable commenting in your blog.

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By just enabling readers to comment wount ensure converting your visitors to followers l. You need to do extra work of replying  every comment in your blog especially questions. This will bring a mutual relationship between you and your readers and make them believe and trust in your blog as their solution center.

Once they can get the answer to what they seek, they have no reason of going to any other site to source for same information hence you have just converted them from visitors  to followers and they will also increase your blogs publicity.

What should I do to encourage readers make comments in my blog

Readers don't just read a post and start making comments. They need something to push them to comment, either they have a question or you an amazing article. This will make them make comments after reading your posts.

Also to increase the number of comments in your post, always encourage readers to make comment at the end of each article, this will certain make some people comment although most people will still not make comment.

And as I have said before, always reply to your readers comments especially when they ask questions as it will make them to always feel free to ask questions whenever they read your post but if you are the type if blogger that don't like sharing your knowledge or just don't like replying to readers questions, then there is no need you are blogging because the essence of your readers reading your articles is to find solution to what they seek. When they can't find it in your article, they now rely on the comment box to get the answer from you. When you fail to provide the answer they seek, they will gmhave no other choice but to look for a solution center elsewhere.

Why you as a blogger should comment on other blogs

Most bloggers today find it difficult to comment or ask questions in other blogs for reasons I don't know. Daily people read different articles in my blog and start emailing me or chatting me on my social media account asking me one question or another regarding the article they have read on my blog when they should have done that in the comment box. Its stills strange to me why most bloggers don't like commenting in other blogs but am telling you today that it is to your own benefit commenting  on other blogs as it will increase exposure to you and your blog.

Also it is an opportunity to add a backlink to your site in that blog hence generating traffic to your blog. Although most sites do not accept backlinks in their comment box but there are still others others like this blog that approve backlinks in comment box.

So start commenting on other blogs and leaving a relevant backlink to your blog. Do not spam other blogs with irrelevant backlinks as it degarades your blogs value and such spam comments may not be approved by the owner of the blog.

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Am sure you have now know the relevance of enabling comments in your blog and at the same time commenting in other blogs.

Hope this article helps you in your career as a blogger. If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, kindly drop it at the comment box below and I will reply you immediately.

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  1. Good article Chikamso, many youtubers also report that if you want your blog to be ranked in the search engines in the first few pages you need to comment on blogs. But many bloggers do provide a url box to link back to their websites, and it is accepted as long as your message isn't spam e.g buy 500 youtube views @ www.freeyoutubeviews.com

    1. Yes I said it in this post. It is allowed in this blog but due to the fact that blogger default comment box don't provide a special URL box in the comment section, you can add a link to your blog using html link code . Once the comment is not spam, it will display in the comment section I hope I answered your question.

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    2. Thanks. Am glad you find the post interesting. Always visit this blog for more engaging contents