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6 Mistakes new bloggers makes and how to avoid them

Everyday hundreds of people join the blogosphere adding to billions of people already in. This new bloggers consist of well trained and untrained bloggers who just want to make their way to greatness through blogging or those who want to turn their passion on a particular topic oemr writing into blogging. This newbies especially the untrained, makes a whole lot of mistake while starting and this mistakes can bring to end the end of their success in blogging or even kick them out from the blogosphere permanently.

I was once a newbie and never attended any blogging school or academy to learn blogging skills. During my days as a newbie, I made a whole lots of mistakes which if not for my determination and perseverance, I wouldn't be where I am today . So due to the fact that I don't want you to make same mistakes that I made, am writing this article to help you as a new blogger or just a blogger.

If you can read this post carefully and ask questions where necessary, am sure you will surely make it as a blogger. Below are some of the mistakes that bloggers usually make that can terminate your blogging career.


Indeed the main aim of most bloggers is to make money online or to use their creativity to generate income for themselves. Its not wrong if that is your aim of blogging but what is actually wrong is focusing your attention into making money immediately you started blogging, this can really pull you out of the queue. This is one of the major factors that have made most bloggers never to succeed in the bloggers.

When you dedicate your interest into making money from your blog, it moves all your attention from your passion for blogging and engaging your readers. Once you cant engage your readers and make them to always come back for more , then you cant make money from blogging. So as a blogger, your utmost interest first, is to have enough traffic trooping into your blog everyday with little or no bounce rate. You can achieve this by engaging your readers with good blog posts and other contents that will always make them stay glued to your blog.

So if you are the type that that starts blogging today and starts applying for AdSense tomorrow, then stop it and focus in creating a big online presence for your blog and business. Make sure that at least you are now receiving upto 300-400 page views daily with less than 50% bounce rate before applying for AdSense.


This seems senseless I think. You may be asking yourself how one can actually write for himself/herself but you might just be doing that without knowing. When you write a non engaging  and a non value adding blog post, you are actually writing for yourself because nobody will waist his or her time reading an article that don't offer anything. I know you might still be confused but you can read this post on how to write a good blog post and am sure you will see the mistake you have been making since the first day stepped into the blogosphere.

So make your corrections today by writing for your readers not yourself. Banner


Search enging optimization (So) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a websiteby ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by engine. When you search for a particular thing in google or other search engines, you usually see different results in the homepage of the search engine. This results are actually articles on websites that are optimized for search engine.

So when you create your blog or website you should optimize your blog for search engine presence by verifying your blog in google search engine and other search engines and also by submitting your blogs sitemap to google and other search engines with this and other search engine optimization tips like use of keywords, post formatting etc you can be sure of a high search engine ranking.


Just like the search engines, the social media like Facebook, twitter, google plus etc is another important factor to consider when you create a blog. It is a very sure way of telling the world that you exist or that something like your blog is now available and that you render one service or another which they need to know of.

So once you have a blog instead of rushing into making money first, try to grow a big social media presence for yourself and your blog by creating Facebook pages, twitter handle, Google plus etc. With this social media accounts, you can engage your potentials readers through social media by always sharing your new posts and a link to the post on your blog with them on social network. You also need to add a link to youemr social media accounts in your blog to enable your readers easily find you in social media through your blog. It will make more people to know about you and your blog and will also make your readers to always stay in your blog as you are always engaging them.


Indeed your work don't just end by creating a blog and updating it with articles daily. Although this will bring you readers but might cause some degree of bounce rate to your blog if you have a very poor blog design.

When you create a blog, try as much as possible to have a good or just a fair blog design. Having a good header, navigation tab, body and a good and attractive footer is indeed necessary for your blog. It makes your blog look more professional and your readers will have a reason to relax and see whatever you have for them. When you have a poor design , people will see you as not being a serious person, they wouldn't even want to read your articles as they may believe that since your blog design is poor , your articles will be same.

Remember it is said that the way you dress is the way you are addressed, so dress your blog well with a good design and your readers will address you and your blog well.

If you just created you blog and you are finding it difficult to design it, you can contact me   here and I will do it for you and also help you do other things.


Most new bloggers write on almost all kinds of topics on earth once their mind crosses them. As a blogger you have to be specific with your niche. You have to choose a range of topics to be writing on and always maintain that. When you write on all most any topic that cuts across your mind, you are just killing your blog and increasing bounce rate for your blog.

According to Leonardo DA Vinci " The highest sophistication is complexity". So to be everywhere try and be somewhere first. Do go about writing on any single topic your mind cuts across. Be simple and specific with your blog. Read this article on how to choose a good and profitable blog niche and am sure you will indeed love to be specific with your blog and running around topics.

So follow this guide in your blog today and let's see what happens. Remember to share your testimony here in the comment box.

If you have any questions or anything to say on the mistakes new bloggers makes or you just have a personal experience on the topic,  you can share it with us in the comment box and we tackle it . Remember to subscribe to our email feed and share this post to social media using the social share buttons below. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and google plus using the links below.

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