Friday, 4 December 2015

Secretes behind Lindaikeji blog

Becoming successful online this days isn't just a drag and drop job like most people used to think. It entails doing so many things and avoiding so many things also. To be successful in a particular field, a beginner should seek the history and advice of successful people in that field.

So, knowing fully well that when we talk about successful bloggers, one name comes to our mind; Linda Ikeji, we should always revisit her success story and follows most steps that led her to success as a blogger.

I know you must have been wondering the secretes behind this great Nigerian blogger LINDA IKEJI and how she has been able to acquire all she has just from blogging.  Yes, you should, because I too wondered before I made my research and found out amazing secretes behind her blog and success.

For her to become the highest Nigerian blogger
within such a short time frame and even bigger than those that started before her was indeed not out of magic or jazz but as result of the things we will discuss below.

Years back, the only online source of news both political, business, events, sports and other updates were the newspaper and magazines and Nairaland was the only Nigerian online discussion forum. Most people always picked their phone or Pc and the websites that comes to their mind is Nairaland or the newspaper sites like Vanguard, Punch, The Sun etc.

In 2009, someone was clever enough to notice this lapse in online news and entertainment updates in Nigeria and decided to take advantage of it and indeed she did very well. Everybody was talking about her while most people mocked and criticized her but she did not relent. She passed through the hard times and today she is no one but the popular Blogger queen; LINDA IKEJI who makes nothing less than 100 million naira from her blog monthly. Today, people pay over N500 000 - N3000 000 just to advertise on her blog. Wow..... What a huge sum of money. I know you are wishing you were her, yes you can't be her but you can actually be like her or even more than her if only you decide to. For you to be reading this article, I will take it that you have decided to be like this blogger queen or even greater than her, so let now go into details of how she made all this and how one can actually do same.

Now the big question is

*How did she acquire such fortune within a short time

*How did she overthrew Nairaland and other newspaper industry

*What is so special about her blog that everybody wants to advertise there.

The answers to this questions is right here in this article, So just suspend whatever you are doing and pay keen attention to this article because you are about to meet your career changer today in this single blog post.

For lindaikeji and most bloggers, blogging means not what it seems to most new bloggers today. Most new bloggers see it that blogging is all about typing and pasting article for whoever that cares to read. This is a very wrong perception of blogging and that is why most people don't succeed as bloggers.  
Blogging to linda ikeji and most successful bloggers is a way of turning once passion for writing and publishing into lifetime income.

When Linda Ikeja started few years back, less than 30% of Nigerians had good time access to the internet. Even those that had access to the internet spend few minutes visiting popular news websites like Vanguard, punch and so on and this Lady had to face the problem of getting readers to visit her blog. This normally is enough to pull one back from blogging but she didn't relent.

Now, let take a look at some of the things that lead her to where she is today


This is one of the greatest secrets that led our blogger queen to the success she has today. This is so because,she had create great zeal and love for writing and publishing and that was why even when she wasn't making a dime from her blog, she didn't hag her boot. This passion took her from modeling to blogging where she is today.

In all you do in life, passion is a very important factor to take into consideration because there is no way you can succeed in something you have no love for. Passion will keep you blogging even when you are not making money through it because you are enjoying the fact that you are blogging. 


Thisis another factor that kept her going even when so many are quitting.  If not for her persistence during the odd days,she wouldn't have met this success she has today and neither you nor I would be talking about her success. 

When she was receiving a very little pagewiews monthly and was being mocked by people around, she persisted because she believed in that her passion and today its paying her.

If you are to succeed as a blogger don't just quit today because you aren't making yet. Once you have that passion for blogging then keep up the work and expect your pay day some day.


Are you committed to your work as a blogger or writer? If your answer to this question is no, then you are still getting it wrong because blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme  that you do anyhow and earn big. To make it as a blogger, you need to be dedicated and committed to it.

Linda Ikeja is more than dedicated to her work as a blogger and that's why daily she publish nothing less than 15 to 20 articles. This is indeed good to keep her readers engaged with blog everyday and that means more money to her wallet.

So be dedicated to blogging work or anything you are doing and expect a good return.

You can read her testimony here .

Follow these is tips and improve your blog earning today.


  1. Wow!! awesome and encouraging. Nice article

  2. She is really the blogger queen. I like her determination and it really favoured her. Thanks for sharing this

  3. Encouraging and mind blowing article you have here. Still don't even know how to make my blog as big as hers.