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How to get Google AdSense approval for your blog easily

Monetizing a blog is one problem that bloggers keep trying to solve everyday on their blog posts  yet it has remained an issue of great interest as it still pose serious problem to most new bloggers.

There are thousands of tutorials out there on how to make money from a blog, most are genuine while some are not and some are easy but she requires weeks or months of tedious work online.

There are several ways to monetize a blog  that one can monetize which have been discussed before. Of all the ways of monetizing a blog, use of Google AdSense is one of the most popular and lucrative way.

Google AdSense is a pay per click (PPC) Ad network that enables bloggers and website owners to make money from their online contents. This is one of the most widely used method of blog monetization yet  it seems to be one of the most difficult to approach.

I believe that you are reading this article either because you have encountering difficulties in getting approved for AdSense or you  just started a blog and wants to apply for AdSense and need not to be rejected. If what I said is correct, then this article is just for you, so leave whatever that will distract you from assimilating this article before furthering with this post. If you just did that, then let's move on.

  In this tutorial, I will give you pro tips which  the reason you haven't been approved for AdSense even when you believe you have fulfilled all the conditions required for AdSense approval.

To get Approval for AdSense, follow this tips:

•Get custom Domain name

 This is one major thing that most bloggers get wrong while applying for AdSense.  If your are still using a non custom domain and you are applying for AdSense, then go get a custom domain as it gives you high chances of getting approved for AdSense. 

Once you start a blog don't believe to start earning without spending for it. A domain name will actually not cost you make ch to get. As a serious blogger who needs to start earning from blogging I will advice you get a custom domain name today like not or

You can get a cheap custom domain name from different domain name providers like Domainking, godaddy, namecheap, Hostgator etc

•Good Navigation bar

This is one of the most important factor to consider before applying for AdSense. Thisdays, its hard to get approved for without without a good and easy to access navigation bar. 

In Your navigation menu, make sure to add  an About Us page, Contact page, privacy policy, and possibly sitemap and disclaimer.

With a good navigation menu, you have high chances of getting approved for AdSense.

•Good blog design

This most times adds credit to being approved for AdSense since approval for AdSense is now done manually. So a good design will entice google engineers and bring more visitors to your site hence; more chances of being approved.

A good blog design entails having a good blog layout, good header, good footer , well arranged navigation menu and sidbars.. This is because it is believed that people tend to visit a blog that they can easily navigate on .

•Post Original content

Copying other blogs is akiller-factor that has made so many bloggers not to grow in the blogosphere. The essence of a blog is to provide unique contents to your readers. If you are the type that copy and paste articles posted on other blogs, then stop it today. In fact go back to your blog and remove those articles as it will keep hindering you from getting approved for AdSense.

Once you have at least 20+ original posts in your blog then you can apply for AdSense because you have a better chance of being approved for AdSense than having 1000 copied content in your blog.

•Dont use copywrite Protected images

Downloading of images from google is a normal practice for most new bloggers. This is very bad because most images you download from google and other search engines are copywriter protected.

Having a copy write protected content in your blogger is enough to stop you from getting AdSense approval. So go now and remove those images you download from google.

•Good blog traffic

This is the most important factor to consider before applying for AdSense. If you have all the above conditions fulfilled without a good blog traffic, then you haven't started. This is because the ad you are to publish in your blog when approved for AdSense is meant to be viewed by your readers not you. So there is no way you can get AdSense approval without a good traffic from your blog.

You can read my previous post on how to get good traffic to your blog here

200 to 300 pageviews daily is a good one to apply with and you can be approved. Make sure to get high and targeted traffic to your blog from search engines, social media and other places.

Search engine traffic is highly adviced to be approved for AdSense.

If you have applied all this tips discussed above, go on and apply for AdSense and am sure you will be approved.  After first approval, create an ad unit and paste other in your blog, it will be blank for some days after which the second approval will be made. After second approval, then you are good to go making money from your blog through AdSense.

If in case you are rejected either because you didn't get any of this tips correct, then check the message from AdSense team you on why you were rejected and make up to lapses they noticed and reapply.

You comments and suggestions is highly needed, so drop it below let see and tackle your problems together.

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