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How to choose a good and profitable blog niche

As a blogger you don't just jump into the blogosphere and start writing and publishing you feel like and expect people to start reading any post you publish. Of course that is not possible because when you start like that, people will see you and your blog as lacking organization and form. So but to get your readers always coming back for more; you need to organize your blog very well not just only by designing but by writing on a particular area or subject. This particular subject you are writing on is your blog's niche.


A blog niche is the particular subject in which a blog writes on. The act of writing on a particular subject although different topics is called niche blogging. Although some blogs combines two to three different niches or more, it is still part of niche blogging.

According to Wikipedia Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market a particular niche market. That is creating a blog with the aim of discussing a particular subject in the blog.


 There are thousands of blog niches in the blogosphere although most bloggers especially newbies don't know about most of them. All they know is the most popular ones that people normally blog on and they always end up blogging on those popular niches forgetting that it would be hard for them to succeed in such niche since there are already a lot of bloggers on that niche.

Examples of blog niches include


This is one of the most popular blog niches in the blogosphere. Entertainment blogs deals with topics like music gists and download, celebrity gists,  music and video reviews, movies, events  and so on.

An entertainment blogger writes on all topics related to the entertainment world although some choose to write on some of the topics like only music, or just music download, video reviews etc.

Entertainment blogs is indeed a very high trafficked blog in the blogosphere as most of the people in the world today are entertainment lovers. In fact one can say that there is no life without entertainment. You might be surprised why I said that there is no life without entertainment. Yes it is true because almost everywhere you go today if they are not playing music they are watching one movie or another. So people normally go to entertainment blogs to receive latest updates on the entertainment world .

Starting an entertainment blog is indeed a good choice as it is very profitable blog niche. Example of such blog or website is ,


This is a very big blog niche with numerous topics to write on. When we talk about a technology blog we are talking any blog that writes on topics like phones, gadgets, computer, softwares, hacking, blogging tutorials, web design and development, making money online, online marketing tips, and so many other topics.

When starting a technology blog, bear in mind that you must not write on the topics under technology as it is indeed numerous as I said before but you can just choose few of the topics on it and base on them. Even though there are some writing on almost every topic in the technology blog but still it is never a must that you must cover all the topics because technology niche is a very versatile one .

When you write on all the topics related to technology blog then you might always divert your readers attention from one topic to another and hence losing user engagement.

You can just decide to write four or five genres of the technology niche.

This blog you are now (KAMSOBLOG) is an example of a technology blog that is based on topics like blogging tips, making money online, phones and gadgets etc.

Examples include ,


This is another blog niche with high and quality traffic. Almost evrybody now goes to school and everyday people are researching about one thing or another in the internet about education.

When running an education blog you can blog on topics like Admission news, School updates like resumption dates, closure, examinations, happenings in school, courses offered by an institution, requirements of an institution from its students and so on.

In fact there are so many things to write on when operating an education blog. You can even be writing on popular topics students are thought in school and they can always make research from your blog and add to what they have been thought or for assignment purposes.

When you have an education niched blog , you are sure of high and quality traffic daily and it is a very profitable blog. Example include


A news blog deals with providing updates on the happenings around an environment. You might decide to be updating on happenings in a country, a state or even the whole world. With a news blog you have everybody's attention because everyone would always want to know the latest around him or her.

Operating a news blog successfully is not and never an easy task as it requires you to keep your ears in the ground to gather latest informations around you. You are indirectly a journalist or ebmven more than a journalist because you have to work extra hard to keep your readers glued to your blog.

A news blog is one of the most profitable blogs in the blogosphere. Example , ,


A fashion blog just as the name entails deals with fashion gists like latest outfits, clothes, shoes, gists on beauty contests, models and so on. A fashion blog at times look like an entertainment blog because the lay emphasis to current outfits of celebrities. A fashion blog also deals on event updates like traditional and white weddings, beauty pageant contests, event parades, other occasions , etc

Some fashion blogs provides dress code tips like best outfits for each day of the week and for different occasions. Fashion bloggers go as far as gathering pictures of trending outfits and how they are made. A good exam ole of such blog is


This is a blog niche that most people don't value but its indeed a great blog niche with profit yielding potebtial.

TmA sports blog or website provides all kinds of sports updates like latest soccer transfers, match fixtures of all kind, match results, injuries, sanctions , FiFa updates and so on

Most of them also discuss topics not related to soccer but all other sports like hockey, javeline, basketball, baseball, table tennis , badminton, etc.

A sports blog might also be a sports prediction sites that predict different match results. This type of blog is very profitable due to different betting site in existence now and there are large number of people that play sports bets.  So they go to sports prediction sites to see suggested outcomes of different matches by the sites to ensure they win their bet.

Example of sites include , , , , , etc


This is one of the unharnessed blog niches to profit making potentials. A food blog deals on topics like different food classes, different food of different people, ways of preparing different foods, importance of different foodan so on

If you start a food blog ymabout African food and their preparation, you will likely be getting Enormous traffic from foreign countries like America as they live African foods and would always want to learn how to prepare them.

You can also use the blog to teach people how to cook different foods they can't cook on their own. Hence you will probably be getting high email subscribers and blog followers.


Politics is a very vital topic that people love dicussing. When you have a politics based blog, you will have readers who are political matter lovers who would always visit your blog on daily basis to know the latest in politics of their country or other countries.

In a political blog , you tend to get large number of comments as your readers would always want to argue on one political matter or the other. Hence, its always easy to have reader engagement with your blog in a political blog than other blog niches.


Having known most the blog niches, it is now left for you to choose a good and profitable niche for yourself. Don't believe that once a particular blog niche is profitable to someone that it will also be profitable to you because his/her passion is not the same with yours. So while choosing a niche check that particular niche that will be profitable to you as an individual.

I know you must be Wondering how you would know the blog niche that would be profitable to you as a person. The answer to this question is simple and that is "passion".

What do I mean by passion?

What I mean by passion is choose a niche(Subject) you have great love and passion for. For instance, if you love toys so much, you call start a blog on toys and other related story not going to write about cars since you know you don't like talking about cars. When you start blogging on topics you have great passion for:

• You will find it difficult to abandon your blog even if its not making profit for you yet.
• You will always dedicate more time in your blog
• You will hardly run out of things to talk about.
You will also write engaging and problem solving contents.

But should you do otherwise , that is blogging on a niche that have no passion  for ; the reverse will be the case and it will always show in your contents because you can never present you points well in an engaging and attractive manner.


To know topics or subjects that you have passion for and which you can use as the niche of your blog, you will need to ask yourself certain questions and once you are able to provide good answers to those your questions, then you will choose a good and profitable blog niche for yourself and you will certainly stand out in the blogosphere.
Questions you will ask yourself includes:

• What are your hobbies
• What things do you like talking about
• What are the things you find yourself doing all the time even when you are bored or tired.
• What is the topic you can talk about for hours without getting tired or running out of point.
• Then lastly but not the least, ask yourself ; if you could do something for the rest of your life without receiving any payment, what would that be.

After asking yourself all this questions, you might have come up with up to three or more subjects or ideas which you still need to choose from. Write those subjects down in a paper. I said that you will come up with up to three or four ideas because one question might have two or more answers depending on the individual. So but if you have numerous subjects to choose from, don't be afraid you still have a way to choose one out of them all.

So to choose from the list of niches that you have, bring out each niche and try to write down all the topics you can think of under each niche. Once you are through doing this, check that niche that have the highest number of topics, this might just be the best and the profitable niche for you.

Note that if you have two or more niches that are related and you have enough topics to write on under them , then you can combine the niches. But don't combine more than three niches so that you blog wount loose form or organization .

Now you can proceed to creating your blog with a domain name related to your niche.

Hope this article helps you a lot. Let us know what you feel about this article in the comment section


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