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6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products

This is a guest Post by: Agboola Sodiq <>

6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products

Apple devices have gained significant repute and place all around the world by its users as well as other competitors. People like Apple devices and prefer it due to their unique operating system and user friend application. Here we have selected some to the main reason why people love apple devices:

Apple makes products for users taste.

Apple's unique idea might seem strange to some individuals, but the facts are that Apple has a number of designs that continue to drive users to make their products first choice compared with other device creators, Apple follows a firmly focused technique than a 'something for everybody' technique, which concentrates on quality and overall consumer experience. This also means that most of the products are directed at high-end classification.

All the Products of Apple Company are fully baked.

The technology brand is unusual in their way to the design of the product. It has long been said that the iPad was in growth, in some form, for years before it was declared. So much so that early designs were believed not worthy of launch and scrapped, though their technological innovation would be born-again as the iPhone.' This comes in distinct comparison with products that are freed by technology companies even when they are not completely baked in terms of performance and overall experience.
Apple's products incorporate well.

Apple also ensures each of their products works well with both hardware and software. The features and specifications of the Apple latest devices probably cannot do a complete lot of tasks; they nevertheless, do according to brand vision such as a specific set of projects, while being reliable and useful.

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Apple's products pleasure customers.

Customers of Apple-like products as such as MacBook and iPhone because of design and appearance of both application and components. This is why individuals are willing to pay whatever the price of Apple laptops or products can be. Apple, on the other hand, is constantly on the appeal its customers with its continuous advancement in their products.

Apple allows their customers advertise.

Apple customers' display all Apple Devices such as MacBook and iPhone are more than anything else does, and this is one the best and special quality for Apple to have. The trend and enjoyment that Apple affiliate marketing can produce every year talk about their products and why individuals buy them. Each Apple customer is a great marketer himself of Apple products.

Apple's fine tunes products.
Everything that Apple does is thought out through. From design to new function to product packaging, Apple does it in a different way. Above all, they strategize on everything they do and every decision they make. The company concentrates on enhancements of their R&D direction into single produces yearly, rather than growing them out over a few designs. Apple produces some of the most expensive smartphones in the world.


4 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone.

This is a guest post From: AyoKunle Coker <>

4 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone.

Jumia recently confirmed a steady increase in the adoption and use of mobile phones in Nigeria, that means so many users are open to losing important data and information.

Data that can be lost are an email address, social media details, bank details and other private information. Smartphones contain loads of personal information and it is important every user take the best possible steps to secure them.

These tips should help better secure your smartphone:

1) Lock it with a passcode: 

90% of smartphones allow you to lock them with a PIN, passcode or a pattern. Ensure you setup your password so as to protect your private information against theft, if you don't and your device gets stolen it gives any thief complete access to every bit of information stored on your device.

Locking your phone is the first step required in protecting any smartphone. Some smartphones like the recently released Tecno L9 Plus allows you to secure your device using a biometrics login (such as your fingertip).  A finger or thumbprint scan is most convenient if your device offers it.

2) Use Trustworthy Apps:

Where you download your apps and documents from on the internet is very important. One of the best parts of using a smartphone is you are faced with a plethora of free apps, but such freedom also comes with a disadvantage; malware. Apps are allowed to access a bit of your data and some untrustworthy ones might maliciously acquire access to things they shouldn't access.

So before you go and download an app, read the reviews and research the app itself to determine if it is truly legit, and consider mobile security software.  Read the app permissions instead of blindly accepting the terms and conditions. Is there a reason a game wants access to your camera, microphone, and contacts?

3) Update Frequently:

Sometimes updates are always frustrating, as they tend to use loads of mobile data and also they take a while to finish off. Nevertheless, updates fix bugs and found black holes in a software, so if you decide not to update you're left vulnerable to the bug recently fixed.

 If you get behind on an update, odds are that you could be leaving your smartphone open for attack.

4) Prepare for the Worst: Remote Wipe:

ALL smartphones now have remote wipe functions available to them, in case you face the smartphone theft. If you notice your device has been stolen, a remote wipe is the best way to feel safe as you know all your information has been deleted before the thief can retrieve them.

What damage could they inflict upon your bank account, credit score, and social networking accounts? If your answer is a lot,  then you should consider putting a remote wipe app in place.

If your phone were to be pilfered, a remote wipe app would allow you to simply turn on your computer, access your remote wipe settings via a web browser, and then relax a little. This software will remotely access your phone via a wireless or carrier signal and return the smartphone to its factory settings, completely erasing all personal information affiliated with you.

You can read how to remote wipe here.

AyoKunle Coker.

Aspiring Freelance Writer.

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  1. Every New Year gives you the perfect chance to start something new and fresh. So do your bit this year and make the world a better place for yourself and others. Happy New Year 2017!  



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Why I chose DomainkingNG as my best web hosting and domain name provider


As a blogger or web designer, it is no longer a new thing that having a custom domain makes your work more professional.

Nigerian have always believed in using foreign hosting and domain name providers in hosting and registering their domains believing that Nigerian hosting and domain name providers are not genuine.

This days, this believe is no longer true because Nigerian hosting and domain name providers are now doing very good and are even more better than most foreign ones.

Here, am sharing with you the best hosting and domain name provider in Nigeria that I have been using for all my web hosting and domain name registrations and why I regard them as the best.

Since I got to know about this company, I have never thought of using any other hosting company for my works because they have always given me the best. I have even Reffered most of my clients whom I register and host their domains to use it.

I know you might be wondering which domain company is this that am talking about like this. This great domain name provider is

Win upto #250,000 on the Domainking rock contest

Reasons I regard domainking as my best hosting and domain name provider.

Ever since I started using domainking, I have seen a lot of benefits of working with them that made me not to think of using any other domain registration company. Some of the reasons why I have decided to keep working with includes:

• They are the cheapest hosting and domain name providers in the country.
• They have an easy payment system for hosting and registering domain names. That is you can easily pay in Naira either through bank deposit, ATM transfer, MasterCard, verve, visa, etc
• They have good customer support. When you work them, they provide full time support either through their website, Facebook page, mail etc.
• They have an easy to use platform which makes it possible for a novice to host and register a domain name with them easily.
• They help users to set custom domain for blogger blogs which no other domain name providers does.

I hope you have seen why domainking rocks. So Register your domains today with domainking.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Win upto #250,000 on the Domainking rock contest

Domainking, one of the leading web hosting and domain name providers is offering a massive savings with huge rewards on domain name Registration and web hosting this season.

There have mapped out cash prizes upto #250 000 to be won.

So are you a web designer or blogger, start hosting and registering your domain name with domainking today to take part in the offer.

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See how to make $100 online weekly , Read this


In the past people see it that to make money online, you need to be an internet guru or veteran. Recently it sis not longer true because even an internet novice can comfortably make cool cash online with just simple click of buttons.

Here, am going to share with you a way I used in making $100 in a week with just a little investment.

Most people normally see it as a scam when they are told about making money online or making any payment online. If you are still part of those with this old believe then there is no need to continue reading this article because it us strictly for those who believes that indeed money can be made online and not all online money making tip is a scam.

Few weeks ago I saw a a post on Facebook about making $100 weekly by just using $25, It seemed to me as a scam but I just decided to go through the link in the post and read more.

After going through the site I decided to register and pay the sum of $25 dollars . I also invited my friends to the website after I have registered. Before two weeks , I already had my $25 in my account with an additional $75 bonus making a total of #100  so I decided to share with my friends and they have been it and its working real good.

So I have decided to share it with you here. What is this business that am actually talking about?

It is called Ultimate cycler (Ucycler).

What is Ultimate cycler ?

Ultimatecycler is a member helping member networking program where members donate to other members. It is world wide networking program where members pay other members and not the company.

When you register at ultimate cycler, you will be matched with someone whom you will pay $25 (#12500) to and then you will be paid the same amount by four other members that is $100 (#50000). A nice investment  don't you think so ?

When a user meant to pay you fails to pay you, you can block the user and another person will be matched to pay you.

How to Register at Ultimatecycler

To register at ultimatecycler, follow this steps

•Make sure you have your $25 (N12,500) at hand  
•Click on *Join Now* when the site opens.
•Fill the form using this guide below

Last name:
Mobile no: 0703...
Contact no: 0703...
Mobile Carrier: MTN Africa
Enter the code: 
Then tick the box  [] BY JOINING...


-In the next page, tick the 3 boxes and click continue.
-In the 3rd page, scroll down to Country and choose NIGERIA. Leave others, then click *FINISH AND SAVE*.

In the last page, click *THANK YOU* icon to show u whom to pay to. Take down the person's contact details (phone number or email) so you can contact him/her and request for payment details.

Once you make the payment he/she will activate you that you have paid him/her . You can then login to your dashboard and tick on the *Agree option* in the  *stacking policy* 

Now copy your referral link and invite your friends so you can be paid faster (2-3days).

Note, most times the website goes offline for  maintenance due to the large number of people that visits the website daily.

If you have tried ultimatecycler  share your views below. If you encounter any difficulty bin registration or accessing any feature in the website comment below and I will reply you immediately.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Get upto 1000 visitors to your website daily using smallhits

The amount of people visiting a blog determines the success of the blog or website because the main purpose of building a blog is to engage with readers through articles you publish in your blog.

Generating this traffic which keeps a blog alive has always been a problem to many people. It has killed most bloggers dream and drove them out of the blogosphere because there is no need writing without having people to read what you have written.

Read Also:  Blog comment and how to use it to increase your blog traffic

Also visitors brings about efficient monetization of a blog or website. This is so because they are the ones advertisers will pay you as a blogger to showcase their products and services to but when they see that you lack enough visitors in your blog, they wount be encouraged to pay for any advertisement in your blog.

In the same way, Google AdSense which is one of the most widely used means of monetization a blog accept only blogs with enough traffic and search engine ranking for their advertisement.

So you have seen that indeed , traffic generation is seriously needed to ensure the success of your blog.

So that is why I decided to reveal to you one of the methods I use to generate steady traffic to my blog on daily basis.

One day I was checking notifications in my Facebook notification tab when I came across a post someone shared about traffic generation through Smallhits. I clicked through the link and found the solution to a problem I have been looking for a long time.

I registered with Smallhits and started generating traffic to my blog with it since then.

I know you might be wondering what is this smallhits all about but relax and read on as I have broken down everything you need to know about it below.

What is smallhits?

Smallhits is a traffic exchange system where you register and visit other sites and in return other people visits your site. It is just as simple as that. 

When you register with Smallhits , you add your site or sites that you want to be sending traffic to in your dashboard. 

Whenever you click on surf and visit other sites , the amount of time you spend determines the number of traffic that will be sent to your site.

You also have the chance to choose the length of time each visitor will spend on your blog. The maximum amount of time is 60seconds (1minute). It is advisable to choose the maximum amount of time 70seconds so as not to have a high bounce rate in your blog.

There is also an opportunity for premium members , that is you can pay for traffic to be sent to your blog without you having to visit other sites. 

Also when you surf sites you also get real cash which you can cash out with your paypal account. 

So register with Smallhits today and start generating enough traffic to your blog daily .

Note that the amount of time you invest in surfing other sites determines the amount of traffic that will be sent to your site , so always use your free time to surf other sites and generate traffic to your blog.

If you have any idea of smallhits or any other related share it below . Also drop your questions and suggestions below.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Finally In Nigeria: A Festival Exclusively For Fitness And Wellness.

It’s happening; the world is waking up to the need for not just a beautiful body, but also a healthy one. Fitness is a journey and a lifestyle, so it is only befitting to have a festival for such a necessary activity of life.

FitFam™ Fest will be hosting the largest African comprehensive fitness festival on the 11th of December 2016, at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island Lagos. 

The festival is bringing this holistic campaign to Lagos, and it would be the first of its kind. It is themed “Healthy Fun for Everyone”. It is going to be a celebration of fitness and wellness attracting men, women and children of all ages. Top notch trainers and fitness enthusiasts will converge in one place to throw out an array of fitness and beauty activities that would make Lagos the fitness capital of Africa.

This well thought out event will gather over 7,000 fitness pundits and fans from different parts of the world, and also include International and local fitness celebrities, who will be readily available to share their experiences and wealth of knowledge regarding the ever-growing fitness industry.

The Landmark Event Centre will for the first time be used to its full capacity, where activities and games will be held inside the centre, at the car park and the waterfront area.

For its first edition, FitFam™ Fest will have a showcase of 50+ Healthy Food vendors, 50+ Fitness Exhibitors, 20+ Fitness Events, 10+ Fitness and Wellness speakers, 50+ Fitness and Wellness Conference sessions and 5 Nutrition Chefs at the FitFam Nutrition Masterclass.

The Festival will have an assortment of gears, kits, apparatus and equipment to demonstrate various physical activities. The activities will include Live Product Launch and Demonstrations on Stage, FitFam Assault Obstacle Course, FitFam Strongman Car Pulling competition, Strength and Agility Training classes, Health checks, Fitness and Wellness Conference sessions, VIP After party, Mr. FitFam 2016 and Miss FitFam 2016 competitions, FitFam Ultimate Frisbee, Pickup games and more. The would also be something for the kids: a Kids Arena where age appropriate equipment and games will be available.

Being a part of the Fitfam Fest is your opportunity to meet with consumers of all things Fitness, Fitness enthusiasts and industry professionals. A chance to reach the lucrative fitness market, expand your personal network and build meaningful business relationships that will affect your bottom line positively! 

Get ready to have a lot of fun as you start your “Journey to Fitness”!

FitFam™Fest 2016 is powered by UBA

For more information, sponsorships and partnerships please go to

Join the conversation:

Follow Instagram: @Fitfamfest
Twitter: @Fitfamfest
Hashtag: #FitFamFest2016 

For media enquiry, please contact

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On Jumia black Friday, you get big discounts from any product you buy from the Jumia online store no matter the price.

Jumia 2016 Black Friday will start on the 14th of November 2016. So if there is anything you have been wanting to buy but you don't have enough money, rush now by clicking the below image to buy them at a cheaper rate (upto 65% discount) from Jumia.



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See the new Injoo v1 features and price

Recently, Injoo launched another great smartphone with a wider screen display yo give users exceptional visual experience. The phones runs on marshmallow Operating system with 6.0 Android Version.


• Name : Injoo V1
• Sim : Dual
• Display : 6-Inche HD
• Operating system : Marshallow
• Android Version : 6.0
• Front Camera : 5.0 mp
• Back Camera : 13.0mp with flash
• Battery : 4000mAh
• RAM : 3GB
• ROM : 32GB
• Hardware : media-tek Quard-core processor 1.3GHZ
• Price : #24000