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3 Creative Ways to Make Money Online with Your Blogs

Do you wish to earn some bucks from your creativity? Your amazing blog?
Everyone wants to make money by ways they're passionate about. There was a time when blogging was purely a personal creative approach and was usually cashless. Times have changed and people have found ways to generate money out of this personal creativity as well. It is no longer just a hobby (even if it is) and can be really helpful for digital marketing services to build wide reader communities and earn some real money along with it.
Creative Ways to Earn
It is still not so popular and many don't even know the right ways to make money online from their blogs. The following are some creative paths to monetizing blogs:
·        Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads
One of the most common techniques to make some blog money is to place ads on your website. Bloggers with a huge reader base can charge good money to place ads on their blogs. There are mainly three types of ads, such as:
a)      PPC/ CPC Ads: Pay per click (also known as cost per click) ad is a banner that is placed in the content or the sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on the PPC ad, you are paid for that particular click.
b)      CPM Ads: CPM Ads (also known as "cost per 1,000 impressions) are digital ads that gets you paid a fixed amount of money based on the number of people that view your ad.
c)      Private Ads: If you have a huge, loyal fan-base, then selling private ads is not difficult for you. Advertisers themselves approach you and you can set your own ad rates. The rates are usually directly proportional to your reader base.
One of the most popular ads network is Google AdSense, while some others are Chitika , and Infolinks.
·        Include Affiliate Links in Your Content
The next approach can be affiliate marketing, which basically promotes reference buying processes. It works on the concept that if a buyer is directed from your blog to the advertiser's page and it results in a sale, then you are paid for this reference. The advertiser provides you with a unique link to track your affiliate code and you can incorporate it in the content as per your choice.
Guest blogging is also an affiliate program, where you allow other bloggers to post their content on your blog site (promotional or indirect); allowing them one or more hyperlinks in their content (for their business website) and charging money to post it for your reader base. Its basic requirements are just two- relevant content and huge reader base.
·        Build Credibility and Use it as a Content Marketing Tool
Blogs can also be used to sell physical products and make money off it. It can be used to direct customers to business websites (your own business site). It is the most effective content marketing tool for all types of products. Social media optimization plays an important role in content sharing and attracting reader communities to your blog. The increase in traffic also increases your chances of sales (even more) of your products.There are Social Media Optimization Company which are hired by some bloggers to do there SMO.
Blogging can also be used to influence reader decisions by building credibility through your content. Readers might look up to you for purchase-decisions and this authority allows you to act as brand influencers and charge a fee from that brand. People might even approach you to co-author books or speak at conferences or for different life-suggestions. It is an indirect path to making blog money, but surely an efficient one.

Always be creative and publish relevant, good-quality content because content is considered as the king and it plays the most important role in creating a loyal reader community.
Start writing now and grow!

 From: Hasel Smith

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Travel Trend 2017: Hyper Personalization in the travel industry

 After several surveys by a number of travel organizations and experts, it has been discovered that people have become more comfortable with sharing personal information like their location and travel history with travel companies in return for a more customized service.
Dr James Canton from leading think tank the Institute for Global Futures, says: "The future of travel is really exciting, as we'll see predictive travel analytic anticipating what consumers want from their experience before booking. The hotel booking itself will be helped along by artificial intelligence software agents, using data mining and intuitive computing. The new travel design science will help create highly personalized in-stay experiences."
Let's take a look at some of the various personalization efforts that are been adopted and used by various sectors and support services in the travel industry.
Personalization by Support services in the travel industry
  • New features used by some of the support services in the travel industry like the 2016 update of Uber's app enables and ensures data from your journeys is collected and stored, this will help in learning from your routines and help predict where you will want to go next.
  • Trips app in an effort to ensure the ease of planning and organizing your trips was also launched by Google in September 2016; it was designed to thoroughly search your G mail account for hotel bookings and flights, as well as propose itineraries and store your reservations.
Personalization by Airlines
Several airlines have become more sophisticated with personalized offers by customizing the airline passengers user experience. However, when it comes to airlines, every aspect of personalization comes at a fee, especially for the "economy class VIP".
A survey conducted by Sabre in 2016 found that some consumers are willing to spend more to get extra air travel value such as fast-track security, preferred seating and enhanced meals.
On the other hand, booking systems often remember the preferences of premium passengers and more often than not the flight crew know who they are.

Personalization by the hotel industry
A chief commercial officer for a top hotel once said, in the hotel industry there are real life opportunity to use information gathered from a guests stay to create consecutive priceless experiences for them when they return. He added that "Travellers are likely to experience more of this seamless personalization from their hotels within the near future."
Personalizing an hotel guest's stay is a major factor to creating a lasting experience. Several luxury hotels now store information on whether you have any dietary preferences, what newspaper you read, what floor you prefer, whether you like red wine or white wine better, if you prefer it sweet or savoury.
At the point when any guest is booking their room, they are often asked a series a questions including the purpose of their visit, as this will help determine small but important details about them and enable the hotel create small gestures of customised recognition.
Like all top hotels, staff will go out of their way to remember your name, as well as relevant facts about who you are and why you are in town so they can converse with you.
  • A perfect example is when a guest books a room for a business trip but has to arrive late, the hotel makes sure his or her room is prepared for bedtime straight away and leave a tea amenity to aid in sleep and an energy bar for the next morning.
  • Elle magazine's beauty editor once arrived at the W St Petersburg to discover the hotel had incorporated the tag line of her own range of scented candles, her love of cats and shoes to create a more personalized effect. She posted a picture of it on social media and the reaction it garnered from people said it all.
  • Some hotels have adopted the use of dynamic emails where every time you open one of their messages, a count down timer comes on and then when you open again the next day, the content could be different, however the hotel offers remain accurate and up to date.
  • Thanks to digital innovation, Hilton HHonors app can be used to select your room and can serve as a digital key to access your room instead of the plastic one usually given at the reception. The digital key also allows you pin your favourite room and when next you stay at the hotel, you will find a little heart shape on the room floor.
  • Hilton's recent partnership with Google Maps also means you can now see special locations and pick your favourite room near the lake, a park or any other point of interest. You can also message the front desk, make restaurant reservations or request champagne on arrival.
The future of personalization in the hotel industry
Skyscanner's director of hotels Nik Gupta agrees: "[By 2024], advances in digital technology will mean that travellers will have no need to encounter a single human being from the time that they enter their chosen hotel to the time that they check out of their room. The fight back against peer-to-peer travel will see hotels empower their guests with incredible levels of hyper-personalisation through their mobile devices to provide the unique experiences they want."
Skyscanner also foretells that hotel software will link with guests' social media profiles so that when they book a particular room, everything is set specifically for them. Some hotels are already looking up VIP guests online and anticipating what they might appreciate when they get there.
Do you believe hyper-personalization is the future of travel or do think this is doing too much?
Please share you thoughts.

Author's Bio:
Mariam Barry is a lifestyle and travel blogger.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Play football in Manchester city with tecnoBlueSquad

Tecno mobile Is dedicated to delivering the best experience to its users worldwide. That's why they have launched a free football training program with the Manchester City coach for its users.

This is a free program for those who would love to train in England with Manchester city.

To qualify for this simply:

• Like their Facebook page
•Take a picture with any football related element
•Upload the picture with the hashtag #TecnoBlueSquad and #CamonCx on Facebook and in the posts comment box in their page.
•This should be on or before 10th August 2017
•Share the post in their page to increase your chances of being selected.

Follow the guide in this video to see how to join

Or click here to watch it on youtube

Terms and Conditions Apply

Tell us what you feel, Ask your question or tell us if you have registered in the comment box below

KekeAds, The new digitalized way of advertising

Smate and smate Nigeria limited has introduced a new digitalized way of serving ads using the popular KekeNapep. This innovative way of advertising is designed to serve ads to both inside and outside of the tricycle hence reaching large number people at once.

The kekead system is described as a low cost and high return form of advertising as ads can be served for a low price and can reach a whole lots of people per day. With its unique way of serving ads, its currently competing other forms of advertising as virtually any form of products or services can be advertised using the kekead system.

One good thing about this is that you can advertise on as many keke tricycle as possible  depending on your budget. This ads can last for ad long as you want and can afford.

The kekeads is able to serve ads in and out of the keke tricycle for advertisers and organizations targeting the commuters in the urban areas of most region.

The kekeads is designed to serve different forms of ads like

  • ✓   Audio Advertising System (AAS)
  • ✓   Back Panels Advertising (BPA)
  • ✓   Inside Panels Advertising (IPA)
  • ✓   Prime Routes Service* (PRS)
  • ✓   Brand Ambassador Service (BAS)
  • ✓   Leaflet Distribution System (LDS)
  • ✓   Plalight Reflective Panel (PRP)
  • ✓   NFC Interactive Panel (NIP)

The audio advertising system is designed to provide audio message about a particular product or service in a convincing way to the commuters of a keke and others.

The leaflet distribution system is designed to distribute leaflets to back seaters in a keke. This is done with a built in space that contains leaflets of a promoted product at the back. This container directly faces the back seaters.

The back panel sytem is one of the best part of this kekeads system. Its designed to serve ads to almost everyone making use of the road and those by the road side. This system displays a big banner of a promoted product or services at the backs of a keke tricycle.

The kekead system of advertising I think is one of the best form of digitalized advertising in place now.  You can check more in their website here.

So what do you think?? Let's here what you think or what you have to add about kekeads system in the comment box below.

Friday, 4 August 2017

The social media way of growing a business

The relevance of social media in starting and growing a business this days is undoubtedly very high. So, to build a business one has to consider seriously the social media approach of growing business.

To rightfully apply the social media approach of growing business in your business, certain key points have to be taken note of and adhered strictly to to get the best possible result. 

Way to grow you business using social media

•Use all social networks:

In promoting your business with social networks, non of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc should be left out. This is because your potential customers are there in all the social networks. Don't ever have the feeling that less number of people visits this social network while higher number of people are in the other and you decide to forget the one with little traffic. Even though more attention should be paid to the network with higher number of participant, the less traffic ones should also be put into consideration when doing social media promotion. Promote in because all of them have a value to add to your business.

•Create and join social media groups:

Social media groups is one of the best ways of promoting a business. Create or join groups on Facebook, whatsapp, Google+, etc that is related to your business and promote your business there. Also join other discussion groups whether relates to your business or not and send posts of your business in the group but do not spam. In joining groups, consider groups with higher number of participants and share posts regularly on them.

•Create social media pages for your business: 

Social media page like Facebook page is a strong tool to bring together your business patronizers or potential customers to a place. After creating your page, its your duty to invite fans to your page by promoting the page and inviting other users of that social network. In this page is where you post and let them know of new things in your business and the things you do. Your social media page just like your business website or blog is a place to announce the presence of a new product or services in your business. So create and maintain a good social media page for your business and watch it grow your business.

•Use paid campaigns for your business:

Social media paid ads like twitter ads, Facebook ad, instagram ad etc is a sure way to getting know by wide range of people who don't even know you before. When you make a post on social networks, its only visible to people that know you or those that's following you, but when you use a paid campaign to promote your business, its automatically visible to people who you don't even and those who don't live near to you. This is on of the best and most widely used means of promoting a business using social media.

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•Time Your posts:

Time is one good thing that must be considered when growing a business with social media. To consider time is to know when to post and when not to post. To know when to post, you need to ascertain at what time your fans or followers react more to your posts. Once you know this then publish your posts at that time you that your fans will be online. You can also post other times but important post should be made the time you know most of your followers or fans will be online.

•Be consistent in Your posting:

Consistency in your posting means posting regularly without break. This doesn't mean you should be posting every minutes or hour but at least once a day or twice in a day . This makes your fans have you in mind all the time because whenever you make a post on social media your fans knows you are still there and would always call on you when they need your service or product. Even when you don't have a new thing about your business to write about, just keep them to yourself with other things like question and answers, jokes, etc.

•Optimize Your Posts and image for social media:

Optimizing your post for social media involves so many things. To get best results out of your social media post follow this points:

- Write short and good post so your users wount get board when reading long posts
- Make your images catchy and detailed, so when one sees it, he/she have know the information you want to pass
-  when posting in your blog, make good meta description as it aids indexing in social media and also when you share your post on social media Its part of what they see.

Follow this guide duly and you are sure of a good business growth

Drop your questions and suggestions in the comment box

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Trade Bitcoin and perfect money from the best and cheapest E-currency exchanger Truexgold

The world today is a global village because everything is virtually done on the internet. This globalization of the world has touched so many areas of human endeavor. Today, there is almost nothing that cannot be done through the internet.

The internet have made life so easy, through easy communication, buying and selling, information dissemination and even to the extent of saving money online. This may sound strange, as you may wonder how one can save money on the internet.

Saving money or sending money throw the internet is a popular practice due to existence of E-currency like cryptocurrency and others. This E-currencies have made life so easy and provide more security to peoples money.

Today people comfortable buy and sell things through the internet using this digital currencies. It is also a better means of making online payment to people in other part of the world

So many years back, when cryptocurrency like Bitcoin was newly introduced, people saw it as something meaningless, but today people have become millionaires and billionaires through Bitcoin investment and yet so many others are still investing.

Are you part of those that didn't trade Bitcoin years back or you want to send money to someone and don't know how to do it? Then start E-currency trading today. I know you might be confused on where to start E-currency trading and how to do that.

To start trading E-currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, perfect money, etc is very easy with the intervention of

What is Truexgold?

TruexGOLD is a subsidiary of "Truex Access Resources". An e-currency exchange company founded on the 8th of September, 2011 but began full commercial activities on the 16th of March, 2012. Truexgold was established due to the quest for a reliable, safe and secure E-currency exchanger in Nigeria

TruexGOLD is registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as Truex Access Resources. TruexGOLD is an accredited perfect money exchanger and also the Official and Agent in Nigeria. 

How to Trade Bitcoin and other E-currency in Truexgold

To start trading Bitcoin and other E-currency in Truexgold, follow the steps below:

• Log on to their official website
•Create a free account with you Email and password
•Log in to your account and start trading 

For further enquiries contact Truexgold on

Hotlines: +2348183270403, +2347054372469, +2348183270412, +2349099218545 


E-Mail :

Office Address

No 57, MCC-Uratta Road, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


For more enquiries and questions, use the comment box below and you will be replied immediately

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The Online Approach to growing Your business

Growing a business today botblog line and offline Is something most entrepreneurs lack the right approach to.  In making a business to grow, certain measures have to be put in place to make this happen.

Even though most entrepreneurs work day-in day-out trying to grow their business with huge sum of money being invested daily into the business, yet significant improvement can't be recorded. This is actually due to a wrong approach in growing the business. Even though the methods applied by most entrepreneurs are well known and popular ways of growing a business, most of them no longer prove effective due to the fact that they are no longe suit today's business patterns.

It is said that as the sound of the music changes, the dancers changes their dancing steps. Same Is applicable in any business one is into. The world today is a global village that is things are going digital and almost everything is now done on the internet. While most people spend hours and strength applying old approach in their business, others spend few time with little effort in their business and are making it big. This is due to knowing the right approach and following the hands of the clock.

I know you are reading this post because you need that fast lift in your business. If am correct , then suspend whatsoever will distract you and read on as I will be revealing a tested and trusted killer approach to growing that your business here.

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In the past, people believe so much in relaxing in their stores and allowing customers come to them for whatever they need but this is no longer working today because as you are seating down waiting for customers to get to you, others are going to the customers with their products and this gives them better chance to make great sales than you.

I know you might be wondering how you can be going from one customer to another with all your goods to make sales as it seems too tedious, but this is far from it because what am talking about is far easier than you can imagine.

What is this killer Tactics that am talking about?

This booming and killer business approach that am talking about that can take your business to the next level is getting an online presence for your business (A blog or online Store).

This might sound strange to you but this is actually the reason others are doing better than you are. Being online helps get to all your potential customers while relaxing at the comfort of your home. 

Ways of Taking Your business Online

There are different ways of promoting your business using the internet. This approaches does not require you to be a professional programmer to make progress. Read carefully as I discuss the ways below.

•Create an Online Store

Starting an online store is one the most effective ways of promoting a business this days. This might seem to appear stressful and costs much to operate but still one of the best ways of making your business more professional and standard. 

An online store is a website by which customers can buy goods directly from the internet. Different kinds of goods can be sold through an online store ranging from gadgets, clothes, house, cars, books etc. There is actually nothing that can't be sold in an online store. Example of Online stores include Jumia, Konga, Amazon etc.

You can hire a developer or web designer to build your online store if you have no knowledge of web designing and development or hire us to design it for you today

• Start a Blog for your business

This is another cost-effective method of promoting your business online. A blog is an online diary where one writes down his or views about something or just pist contents for the blog visitors to assess. 

Have ever thought of converting this online diary into a money making machine for your business? If not, then am here to do that for because as most people believe that blog can only be used for posting news and entertainment contents, others are busy running their business with their blog.

With the aid of a blog, you can get your readers know about what you do or what you sell , List your products with its pictures and give them hints on what your products are used for and how it is used. This is a sure way of letting the world know that your business exist and driving close your potential customers .

Starting a blog is very easy as you can do that with just few drag and drop functions. You can read this to see the Steps on how to create a free blog . You can also hire me to build and design your blog for you.

•Create a Social Media Account for your business

Social media is one of the trending and widely used means of growing a business. This reason for this is quite obvious because, if there is a place where the world meets together, then its on social media. 

Social media networks like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc is a very effective tool to reach out to your potential customers. Creating a social media account for your business is like opening business branches in other countries of the world because virtually everybody gets to know about your business. 

To promote your business, you can run Facebook page and group for your business, twitter handles, Whatssap groups for your business, social media advertising for your business etc. You can also  hire a social media manager to help manage and reach out to your target audience.

•Search Engine Advertising

Search engineadvertising, although not as popular and well used as others is also a good approach to promoting your business online. This is so because, everyday millions of people search for one thing or the other in different search engines.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and so many others can be used for search engine advertising. When you advertising in search engines like google (Google AdWords), whenever people search for things related to your business or services you render, link to your website or blog appear in the search engine giving high chances of making sales. It is also very affective way of growing a business online.

So if you have not been applying any of this methods if not all of them, then start ijt today and watch your business move to the next level. You can contact us and let's grow your business together and subscribe to our email list to get our business and money making tips whenever it is posted.

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6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products

This is a guest Post by: Agboola Sodiq <>

6 Reasons Why People Love Apple Products

Apple devices have gained significant repute and place all around the world by its users as well as other competitors. People like Apple devices and prefer it due to their unique operating system and user friend application. Here we have selected some to the main reason why people love apple devices:

Apple makes products for users taste.

Apple's unique idea might seem strange to some individuals, but the facts are that Apple has a number of designs that continue to drive users to make their products first choice compared with other device creators, Apple follows a firmly focused technique than a 'something for everybody' technique, which concentrates on quality and overall consumer experience. This also means that most of the products are directed at high-end classification.

All the Products of Apple Company are fully baked.

The technology brand is unusual in their way to the design of the product. It has long been said that the iPad was in growth, in some form, for years before it was declared. So much so that early designs were believed not worthy of launch and scrapped, though their technological innovation would be born-again as the iPhone.' This comes in distinct comparison with products that are freed by technology companies even when they are not completely baked in terms of performance and overall experience.
Apple's products incorporate well.

Apple also ensures each of their products works well with both hardware and software. The features and specifications of the Apple latest devices probably cannot do a complete lot of tasks; they nevertheless, do according to brand vision such as a specific set of projects, while being reliable and useful.

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Apple's products pleasure customers.

Customers of Apple-like products as such as MacBook and iPhone because of design and appearance of both application and components. This is why individuals are willing to pay whatever the price of Apple laptops or products can be. Apple, on the other hand, is constantly on the appeal its customers with its continuous advancement in their products.

Apple allows their customers advertise.

Apple customers' display all Apple Devices such as MacBook and iPhone are more than anything else does, and this is one the best and special quality for Apple to have. The trend and enjoyment that Apple affiliate marketing can produce every year talk about their products and why individuals buy them. Each Apple customer is a great marketer himself of Apple products.

Apple's fine tunes products.
Everything that Apple does is thought out through. From design to new function to product packaging, Apple does it in a different way. Above all, they strategize on everything they do and every decision they make. The company concentrates on enhancements of their R&D direction into single produces yearly, rather than growing them out over a few designs. Apple produces some of the most expensive smartphones in the world.


4 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone.

This is a guest post From: AyoKunle Coker <>

4 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone.

Jumia recently confirmed a steady increase in the adoption and use of mobile phones in Nigeria, that means so many users are open to losing important data and information.

Data that can be lost are an email address, social media details, bank details and other private information. Smartphones contain loads of personal information and it is important every user take the best possible steps to secure them.

These tips should help better secure your smartphone:

1) Lock it with a passcode: 

90% of smartphones allow you to lock them with a PIN, passcode or a pattern. Ensure you setup your password so as to protect your private information against theft, if you don't and your device gets stolen it gives any thief complete access to every bit of information stored on your device.

Locking your phone is the first step required in protecting any smartphone. Some smartphones like the recently released Tecno L9 Plus allows you to secure your device using a biometrics login (such as your fingertip).  A finger or thumbprint scan is most convenient if your device offers it.

2) Use Trustworthy Apps:

Where you download your apps and documents from on the internet is very important. One of the best parts of using a smartphone is you are faced with a plethora of free apps, but such freedom also comes with a disadvantage; malware. Apps are allowed to access a bit of your data and some untrustworthy ones might maliciously acquire access to things they shouldn't access.

So before you go and download an app, read the reviews and research the app itself to determine if it is truly legit, and consider mobile security software.  Read the app permissions instead of blindly accepting the terms and conditions. Is there a reason a game wants access to your camera, microphone, and contacts?

3) Update Frequently:

Sometimes updates are always frustrating, as they tend to use loads of mobile data and also they take a while to finish off. Nevertheless, updates fix bugs and found black holes in a software, so if you decide not to update you're left vulnerable to the bug recently fixed.

 If you get behind on an update, odds are that you could be leaving your smartphone open for attack.

4) Prepare for the Worst: Remote Wipe:

ALL smartphones now have remote wipe functions available to them, in case you face the smartphone theft. If you notice your device has been stolen, a remote wipe is the best way to feel safe as you know all your information has been deleted before the thief can retrieve them.

What damage could they inflict upon your bank account, credit score, and social networking accounts? If your answer is a lot,  then you should consider putting a remote wipe app in place.

If your phone were to be pilfered, a remote wipe app would allow you to simply turn on your computer, access your remote wipe settings via a web browser, and then relax a little. This software will remotely access your phone via a wireless or carrier signal and return the smartphone to its factory settings, completely erasing all personal information affiliated with you.

You can read how to remote wipe here.

AyoKunle Coker.

Aspiring Freelance Writer.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


  1. Every New Year gives you the perfect chance to start something new and fresh. So do your bit this year and make the world a better place for yourself and others. Happy New Year 2017!